Many comment on the surprising ease, gentleness, effectiveness and power of this process, after other more time consuming, effort based, less effective investments of their time, energy and money, on the healing path.

“There are two reasons why I’m so grateful for Bowenwork. First for how it helped after a HEART ATTACK. I had a heart attack and was later diagnosed with inoperable Microvascular Coronary Disease. A friend recommended Bowenwork. I had two sessions and began diet changes. When two days later I resumed my cleaning jobs, which I was terrified to do, I started with a 4 hour job. I never got winded! I was so relieved, because before the heart attack, for about a month I couldn’t even do 2 hours of cleaning without getting totally exhausted and winded. I was almost sick to my stomach from the work! (I had no idea a heart attack was pending, for I’m in excellent shape!) Yet now, after one Bowenwork session, I had all the energy necessary to heartily get the work done. The real test came a few days ago. I did an 8 hour cleaning job. Once again, I never got winded! I continue feeling very well. I’m so impressed!

The second reason is because of the relief I got from my menstrual cramps. Ordinarily the pain was similiar to 2nd or 3rd stage labor, but with no baby in sight! I broke out in hot and cold sweats and pain killers had little effect. The swelling was so severe that I could never wear my normal clothes. The whole experience made me feel delirious! It was addressed during Bowenwork. And guess what? I just had the most amazing “normal” period! I took three 81mg asprin to help with minor cramping and went about my day in mornal clothing instead of crawling around my floor in agony! I am amazed how well this technique has worked for me to get back into my healthy self. Thank you Hans!”