Hans Levy Bowen Practitioner
Hans Levy is a life-long student in the healing arts. His journey began as a licensed physical therapist/massage therapist in Germany where he practiced for six years. After immigrating to the United States he eventually discovered Bowenwork Therapy and has ever since dedicated his working life to make this revolutionizing therapy available to all who may ask for it.

1982 – Studied Physical Therapy in Germany
1986 – Studied Lymphatic Massage in Germany
2002 – Studied Bowenwork Therapy in Prescott, AZ
2005 – Started Fluid Motion Therapies in Prescott, AZ
2008 – Opened offices in Albuquerque, NM
2014 – Opened office in Walnut Creek, CA

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Thomas Bowen Originator of Bowen Therapy
Thomas Bowen is the originator of ‘Bowen Therapy’ aka ‘Bowen Technique’ or ‘Bowenwork’. Tom was a natural healer and he had an uncanny ability to observe exactly how people walked, sat and moved. He drew remarkably accurate conclusions as to the root cause of their pain.  Since the 50’s Tom has treated around 13,000 clients per year in Australia achieving very long lasting results in approximately 85% of his clients.


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